No ladies and gents, I’m not talking about the markers. I’m talking about makeup. 

Highlighting is essential to makeup now a days especially since contouring is out – and strobing is in!

Strobing doesn’t mean don’t contour at all, it’s just a softer version while basically drenching your face in any and every highlight you can get your pretty little paws on. Check out desi Perkins YouTube for an in depth tutorial on strobing.

Two cheaper priced highlighters that have become a few staples in my kit are nyx cosmetics! They are $5 online and can be bought individually. The pay off isn’t as intense or pigmented as most but these babies do the jobs just fine.  

Another highlighter that can do no wrong on literally ANY skin type at all would be the “high beam” liquid highlighter by Benefit Cosmetics. This tiny bottle will last months and can be blended out with a beauty blender or your finger  

Last but not least is the holy grail of highlighters. The queen. The highlighters that slays all other highlighters – Becca cosmetics and Jaclyn Hill’s Champagne Pop.

This shit is no joke you guys. 

All of becca cosmetics highlighters are unreal. I have “opal” in my collection as well. But I’ve never used a highlighter so pigmented or so universal than this one. 

These are just a few different priced highlighters. But don’t worry loves, we will be talking about these beauties again. 


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