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Dry Shampoo 101:


Moroccan oil Dry Shampoo comes in Light & Dark depending on your hair shade

To start off, this might by my number one product on my list of life changing products!

I am addicted to this product not only for the scent of a vanilla-cirtris-y scent, but for adding volume to the roots. You hair needs a break for washing it everyday to absorb its natural oils. This product leaves your hair feelings volumized & refreshed.


Organic Real Benefits to Apple Cider Vinegar


1. It can make your hair shine

Apple cider vinegar can be applied to your hair after shampooing and will boost the shine in your hair. Pour 1/2 of a tablespoon of ACV and 1 cup of water after shampooing & see results within a week!

2. It removes stains from teeth and whitens!

Gargle every night before bed and rinse mouth with water, see dramatic results within two weeks

3. It regulates the pH of your skin

Replace your current toner by applying ACV to a cotton ball after washing your face. Dab cotton ball on needed areas to help cure blemishes, age spots, or even scars

4.  ACV Cancels Out Some Your Carbs You Eat

2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to 16 ounces of water can showed weight-loss benefits. So drink this through
out the day to see results!


Coconut Oil Is Life


Coconut oil is full of rich antioxidants and supports hair growth and does wonders for the body

1. A Natural Conditioner (Hair Growth Treatment)

Coconut oil is the best protein for you hair and heals damaged & dry hair. Apply a scoop into the palm of your hand & massage through damp hair. Allow the oil to absorb in your hair as a deep conditioner would. Rinse & air dry

 2. Boosts your Immune System

Coconut oil contains auric acid which fights bacteria and reduces candida. Add 1 TBSP of coconut oil to meals, replace your sugars with this oil!

3. Improves Skin!

Keep your skin young & youthful! Coconut oil is a natural face cleanser & moisturizer. Coconut oil reduces inflammation and is a great solution for any skin type.