The Essential Guide to Stress Relief

Stress can take a toll on your body, health, & wellness. Some individuals feel that the power to relieve stress is positive thinking, but  that is easier said then done. Being in my 20’s in college, working, & dealing with other life stressors doesn’t always come easy, but I have found with that with these activities it has helped  put a stop to my stress.


  1. Rethink your comfort foods…

Stopping at Portillos on your way home from work ordering a large cheese fry & cheese dog is not the best way to indulge yourself after a long day. Check out these 10 foods that fight stress


2.  Give yourself “Me Time”-Give yourself a cut off time

Give yourself some time to get your mind off of things & unwind. Set a time in the day for 30 minutes to silent your phone, turn off the computer, and focus on relaxation. Allow yourself to be mindless, when you find yourself thinking about what you have to do after this, remind yourself its “Me Time”


3. Make a relaxation playlist

Get yourself a soundcloud, make a playlist with your favorite songs to put yourself at ease. Its okay to cry let it out, listen to some Dave Mathews Band, John Mayer, Adele. Then afterword play positive, soothing music to change the mood.


4. Inhale Exhale – Yoga

Doing 30 minutes of yoga is an affective way to sooth anxiety and stress. Transferring your focus on your breathing & body can release physical tension-while toning those needed areas we all know about. Here are 10 yoga poses that relieve stress and anxiety.


5.Meet up with a girlfriend…

Talk to someone you trust & vent about what is going on in your life.This is a great way to refocus your stressors & clear your mind.